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What Cape Range National Park Looks Like

So, I know I’ve been a terrible blogger. But that is soon to change, as I literally have a million sessions and images to share. Ben has taken on a work contract in Western Australia, which will see him travelling all over, so the kids and I have flown home for a little while, and are back into normal life. He will fly back for Christmas, and then we’ll all head back over west together continuing the Caravan of Destiny Tour spending a little while coming home.

I thought a good way to get back into the blogging routine would be with a ‘What ____ Looks Like” post, so here are some images from the few days we spent in Cape Range National Park in Western Australia. It is the most incredible part of the world, and I’m already dreaming of ways to get back there. Amazing snorkelling and fishing, beautiful clear water, perfect weather. One of the days saw the first good rain we had for the whole trip, in the shape of a short but intense storm, but ended with the most incredible light and clouds!


And here are some images taken with the GoPro from the Drone. Cant wait to put together the video footage!!!


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