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Last week, in a brave attempt to protect Darcy and I, my beautiful old dog, my oldest and dearest friend, was viciously attacked  in our front yard by a dog who had escaped his own enclosure. We arrived home, got out of our car, to be greeted by our beautiful old girl, who is quite deaf and mostly blind, and she mustn’t have noticed the strange dog in her yard. The dog showed his teeth to Darcy and I, and in a futile attempt to protect her family, she stood between us and the aggressive animal. She  was viciously mauled for her loyalty. I shared the sad news on my Instagram, but I’m so pleased to say that, against all odds, the tough old girl survived. A little worse for wear, lots of stitches in her neck and chest, but she’s alive! She has had a very rough year, and at the ripe old age of 16, I have thought I’d be saying good bye to her a few times already, but she’s simply not ready to leave us just yet.

I am so proud of her loyalty and of her bravery.

Here’s some images of the day we bought her home from the vet.

You can see in her beautiful face how proud she is of her family. She really is the very best human I know.

  • Ginger Unzueta - these are gorgeous and my heart is what a beautiful story of loyalty, love and survival!!!ReplyCancel

  • Renee - I am reading The Dark Room’s post this morning. I was not expecting this kind of story. Such a sad story but happy your pup has come through. Congrats on the photo as well. Many blessingsReplyCancel

  • Tytia - What an awesome dog you have! When I first saw the photo in The Dark Room Pets call, I totally thought she was a young pup you may be rescued. After reading your story I can now see her as an older dog, but boy does she still have that young pup spark in her eye. Great images!ReplyCancel

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