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January a Day Project 2014 :: Day Seven

Harry and Lily have been pretty much inseparable their entire lives. They are as thick of thieves, have pretty similar natures and personalities, and rarely argue. Darcy can sometimes be the third wheel, god love ‘er, and when the 3 of them play together, she is usually in charge of all games and their rules and/or contents. Up until quite recently, it was unusual to find the girls playing on their own, but lately you often find them quietly playing things that girls like to play, like princesses, or families, or tea parties. Or you might find them just like this, quietly chatting about who knows what, and Harry is no where to be seen. I find it interesting that the dynamics of the little triangle is changing as the age gap between the girls narrows.

I was focused on Lily when I took this, (as you can see Darcy’s a little out of focus, which is a shame) as I loved the way the light was catching her hair, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really even notice Darcy until I downloaded the images. I just adore her expression and the way her little hand is reaching out and touching Lily’s arm. It says so much about her.

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