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January 26th 2013 :: Day 26

Today is Australia Day! And I spent it with the people I love the most, celebrating this amazing and wonderful place we call home. A place we are free from oppression and war and famine and dictatorship. Our grandparents fought bravely and sacrificed so much to give us this freedom and everything we often take for granted. It makes me so sad to see my social media pages filled with hatred and racism hiding cowardly behind so called ‘patriotism’. Its not. It just makes you look silly and ignorant. Spare a thought for our Indigenous people, and everything they went through for us all to be here today. Think about the refugees who fled horror and war torn countries to give their family a life of peace and love and safety. Don’t let a small minority who make the news make your heart feel hatred. We are ALL so lucky to live in this beautiful country. Be kind to one another.

Kindness. Love. Compassion. Teach it to your kids. Practice it everyday. Your heart will feel lighter, and the next generation will thank you.

Also, those of you following my Photo a Day will know we’re camping with a group of friends, and as it turns out, about to try and ride out some very severe weather conditions. We made the decision to stay (against my better judgment, dear husband, if you are reading this), while 85% of the place packed up and went home. We figured so many cars on the road in the weather was dangerous and thought we’d sit tight. Not sure now if it was the best idea, but we shall see……

Jan 26th 2013 el hogan photography




  • Robyn Geering - Love this shot, and glad that you are safe and sound from the storms that swept through. We truly do live in an amazing country. The truth be known though, I have never felt comfortable celebrating the amazingness of this country on this day, because of what this day represents to the Aboriginal People. I want to celebrate this wonderful place that we call home, but not in such a devisive way. Bring on a republic I say :-)ReplyCancel

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