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Giddy Up Breakfast Club

On Tuesday morning I spoke at the inaugural Giddy Up Camera Club‘s Breakfast Club, a wonderful event thought up by the clever brains of Todd & Alyda McGaw. Its the beginning of a wonderful community of artists who want to get together and connect, inspire and motivate one another, about why we do what we do, and all the glorious things that make us happy.

I spoke about my journey up until today, what inspires me, and how looking for (and documenting) the beauty in the mundane chaos of the every day can bring so much joy and peace to your soul. I was terribly nervous, but it was so lovely meeting like minded people, who in one way or another, maybe felt the same as I do.

I spoke at length about my 10 on 10 project, and how it really helped me see my wonderful world in a whole new light, as well as sharing a slideshow, that I wanted to share here. Its made up mainly of images from that particular body of work, as well as a few of my all time favourite images of my kids.

If you would like to know more about upcoming Giddy Up Breakfast Club, and sign up to hear about other fantastic events, see here:

PS: The song in the slideshow is called “Without you” from and Eddie Vedder album called Ukulele Songs…. So basically 2 of my favourite things smooshed together in a glorious collection of songs. *sigh*

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