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Cas & Jimmy {Byron bay Wedding Photographer}

The wedding of Cas and Jimmy in Byron Bay, NSW, was one of my favourites to date. Despite the torrential rain, theView full post »

Dimity & Aaron {Brisbane Wedding Photographer}

A few days before Christmas, I shot this wedding here in Brisbane. I’m so terribly slack when it comes toView full post »


Lea & Chris {Byron Bay Wedding Photographer}

Lea & I met at a photography workshop and clicked straight away. We stayed in contact and I was ever so excitedView full post »

Lisa & Johnny {Northern New South Wales Wedding Photographer}

This is the wedding of Lisa & Johnny. It was a day to remember, for so many reasons. It was held on a familyView full post »

Anita & David {Brisbane Wedding Photographer}

A little while ago I shot Anita and David’s beautiful country wedding. What an amazing day and a stunningView full post »

El Hogan Photography 2011

Belinda & Damian, Malolo Lailai, Fiji

When Belinda asked me to photograph her wedding last year, I was super excited, because Belinda & Damian are one ofView full post »

El Hogan Photography {Fijian wedding photographer}

One Frame {Fijian Wedding Photographer}

Thought I’d share one quick frame from one of the most beautiful, heart felt weddings I’ve ever had theView full post »

Kun & Eamon

I was lucky enough a couple of weekends ago to 2nd shoot for the fabulous Christine from Pobke Photography. The weatherView full post »