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January 31st 2012 . Day 31

So, this is the final post in my January Project a Day. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing it as much as I’veView full post »

January 30th 2012 . Day 30

Ben got home yesterday, much to everyones excitement. All three of them miss him terribly when he’s away, whichView full post »

January 29th 2012 . Day 29

We’re all going a little stir crazy here with this never ending rain. There’s only so much indoor stuff youView full post »

January 28th 2012 . Day 28

It took some time, but finally, FINALLY I have a photo of The Bear! I had to be a tricksy little Hobbit, but here itView full post »

January 27th 2012 . Day 27

A silly photo for today, nothing special. Harry let me play with his hair today, which he’s never let me doView full post »

January 26th 2012 . Day 26

It’s Australia Day today, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, we stayed at home. No lamingtons,View full post »

January 25th 2012 . Day 25

She had just finished giving me a gob full over something or other. Look at that stubborn, defiant,View full post »

January 24th 2012 . Day 24

So, we are 2 days in to our new lives. School and kindy has left us all a little topsy-turvied, if thats a word. ItsView full post »

January 23rd 2012 . Day 23

Not much of a post tonight I’m afraid. And only iPhone picks. Today was Harrys first day of school. AndView full post »

January 22nd 2012 . Day 22

I had promised the kids that  because they start school tomorrow, we could have breakky at McDonalds. Thats a prettyView full post »

January 21st 2012 . Day 21

I made Harry a super hero cape out of an old shirt. If I had of known it would mean he would let me take his photo overView full post »

20th January 2012 . Day 20

It usually Harrys job in the mornings to feed the chooks and collect the eggs. Today, Darcy wanted to do it, butView full post »