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30 seconds with Harry

Heres another quick outtake from my January Photo a Day. This is literally 30 seconds with Harry, walking back from aView full post »

Camping in January……

I thought I’d share some of the out takes from my January photo a day. Some of you had voiced that you would likeView full post »

el hogan photography

January 31st 2013 :: Day 31

So, after 5 days, power and phone lines back on just in time for the final Photo a Day for 2013!!! After a hellish fewView full post »

Jan 26th 2013 el hogan photography

January 26th 2013 :: Day 26

Today is Australia Day! And I spent it with the people I love the most, celebrating this amazing and wonderful place weView full post »

Jan 25th 2013 el hogan photography

January 25th 2015 :: Day 25

I love camping. LOVE. We get together with a group of families and do it a lot. The kids think its the best. No bedView full post »

Jan 22nd 2013 el hogan photography

January 24th 2013 :: Day 24

Harry’s been saying for about 12 months that he wants to learn to play the drums. The other day we went to theView full post »

Jan 22nd 2013 el hogan photography

January 23rd 2013 :: Day 23

Oh how you love bath time !!! And Oh how I love bath time because it may or may not be code word for Wine Time 😉 TodayView full post »

Jan 22nd 2013 el hogan photography

January 22nd 2013 :: Day 22

You sat with me, quietly chatting, while I put clothes away. About going back to school, your friend Colt, and whatsView full post »

Jan 21st 2013 el hogan photography

January 21st 2013 :: Day 21

After weeks and weeks of scorching dry heat, watching my beautiful garden wither and turn to dust in front of my veryView full post »

Jan 19th 2013 el hogan photography

January 20th 2013 :: Day 20

Remember when you were little and you would lie on the floor in random places, especially when you were bored? IView full post »

Jan19th2013 el hogan photography

January 19th 2013 :: Day 19

I’m seeing a lot of this determined little face lately, a bit more than I would like, if I’m honest. YouView full post »

Jan 18th 2013 el hogan photography

January 18th 2013 :: Day 18

So the most bizarre and weird thing happened. I bought Darcy a tutu. I know right?! So out of character. She has veryView full post »