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January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Twenty Nine

January 29th 2015 Day 29 :: 17:14 This was her idea, and totally self styled, I swear. She told me exactly what to doView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Twenty Six

January 28th 2015 Day 28 :: 17:45 You’re quiet, gentle and kind. There isn’t a mean bone in your body.View full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Twenty Five

January 27th 2015 Day 27 :: 08:23 Darcy had her first day of school today. My last baby. My constant companion. SheView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Twenty Five

January 25th 2015 Day 25 :: 11:14 Lily is my bravest View full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Twenty Four

January 24th 2015 Day 24 :: 18:58 I had a family session on the beach this afternoon, and was lucky enough to have myView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Twenty

January 22nd 2015 Day 22 :: 11:00 In 2003 I answered an ad in the paper to buy a puppy. When I arrived at the home ofView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Nineteen

January 19th 2015 Day 19 :: 18:45 Waiting for their plane home after a hectic few days in SydneyView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Eighteen

January 18th 2015 Day 18 :: 08:31 Enjoying a quiet cup of tea at Nan’s houseView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Seventeen

January 17th 2015 Day 17 :: 18:14 We had a pretty incredible day hanging out in Sydney with our dear friends, TheView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Sixteen

January 16th 2015 Day 16 :: 18:58 Happy Birthday to my Best Friend in the entire world! 5 today!!! She lives her lifeView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Fifteen

January 15th 2015 Day 15 :: 08:12 The horrible, zombie looks of xbox playing. Just one of the many reasons they haveView full post »