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Camping in January……

I thought I’d share some of the out takes from my January photo a day. Some of you had voiced that you would like that, so here it is!

These were taken on our camping trip just before school went back. Right before the big floods that sent us home early. We spend lots of time camping with this little group, and as they are our neighbours, they are an everyday fixture in our home. They are our family. There had just been a big storm and lots and lots of rain, and I quickly took these while there was a reprieve in the wet weather, while the sun was going down. The last few, including the one that made the photo a day, it was almost pitch black, hence all the noise in the images, which I actually quite like!

I love all their different expressions and personalities shining through. These photos are like visuals of what it feels like in my head at the end of the day, and that makes me smile.

I might try and post some more of my favs from January every Sunday.

Heres the one that featured last month, with Darcy holding the torch.

And here are the others that I took in that 15 minutes before the mozzies and the boogie man came and carried us away…..


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