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Monthly Archives: August 2011

El Hogan Photography

Mini Session Special {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I know its a month overdue, but I have this delicious new brand and logo, thanks to the amazing Katie from Katie KView full post »

El Hogan Photography 2011

Belinda & Damian, Malolo Lailai, Fiji

When Belinda asked me to photograph her wedding last year, I was super excited, because Belinda & Damian are one ofView full post »

Robot Ramen Tees

I did some product photos for Robot Ramen Tees, a new kids t-shirt company a few weeks ago. They’re really great,View full post »

el hogan photography Kingscliff Family Photographer

French Family {Kingscliff Family Photographer}

I met this family at Kingscliff a few weeks ago. The French family consists of Mum & Dad, 2 beautiful daughters,View full post »

El Hogan Photography {Fijian wedding photographer}

One Frame {Fijian Wedding Photographer}

Thought I’d share one quick frame from one of the most beautiful, heart felt weddings I’ve ever had theView full post »


BULA !!!!!

BULA!!! I’m home, after an amazing week in Beautiful Fiji for Belinda and Damian’s wedding. It was such aView full post »