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What to expect….. {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Like I said, I have so very much to share. So I thought to begin with, I’d post a selection of some of the newborns and families I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the last few weeks.

Some of you may be aware of how much I adore newborn babies.Like, I would have a newborn forever. The first 6 weeks are my favourite of any aged babies. I would have another 7 more kids just because that means I would have 7 more newborns.

I am taking a different approach to my newborn shoots from now on. I tried the posing newborn shots and found it so stressful. Now, dont get me wrong. Some of my favourite photographers specialise in this type of work, and are extremely talented at what they create. I just found I left these excited, tired, overwhelmed, incredibly happy brand new parents without ever really getting to know them. I was so focused on keeping the room warm enough, and quiet enough and getting and then keeping them asleep, that I never really chatted or asked *them*, the parents, any questions, or listened to their stories. I felt this went against everything I was trying to achieve, and just didn’t sit right.

So I thought about what I myself would want as memories of the first week of my new babies life. The first thing I remembered was the different feel in the house when a brand new human is bought home. The air feels different. It smells different. There is a special calmness. It is quiet, but at the same time, there’s a sense of electricity in the air. It is the same in every house I’ve been to that has a new baby under its roof. Dad is usually around, when he’s usually at work. Grandparents might be staying. Siblings are very aware a change is in the air and routines are out the window. This is what I want to try and capture, as that feeling doesn’t last forever, but is so special. I try to spend a few hours and just get to know you, and your brand new, sweet smelling, tiny baby.

I have met some lovely families as well, and have included some in this post, but will be posting some full blog posts soon!!





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  • Lea Forbes - Goosebumps. Seriously. You have just put into words the exact way I have been feeling about newborns lately. I want so much to be able to get those beautifully posed images but it just doesn’t turn out like that for me. Thank you for making me feel like that is totally ok.
    Gorgeous work xReplyCancel

  • Eva - OHMYGOODNESS, I am EXACTLY the same with newborns! People think I’m nuts, but I just can’t get enough of their sweet noises, the smelllll and their teeeny hands and feet. LOVE your way with babies!!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Christine - i adore everything about this, gorgeous el. :) you amaze me, you know that???ReplyCancel

  • Tess - I love it, I seriously love it. You are one talented lady Miss El…and I am so excited to see my little man on there :)ReplyCancel

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