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Three, Two, One…..Lift Off!!!!

Hello!!!! Welcome to my brand spankin’ new blog!!! Isn’t it beautiful?! A brand new name, brand and logo, and an exciting and new start and direction to  Lily Harrison Photography.

The reason for the changes are varied. I plan in doing a full blog post at a later date which will go into it in more detail, as well as how wonderful the process has been, but in short, I chose the name Lily Harrison after my son and first daughter. It made sense at the time, when I was testing the waters, seeing if I could really make a photography business work, and whether the market was there to make it viable. I aimed to give it a few years, ease into it slowly and hopefully by the time all of my 3 babies were at school, I would have a solid foundation business to step into. Never in all my wildest dreams did I think I would get as much support and work as I have, or indeed, that I would enjoy it so much. Of course, with that, came confusion. Who was Lily Harrison? Why wasn’t she taking our photos? One man was actually quite cross that she would send this El lady who worked for her to take his families photos! Was Lily to busy and important!!!?? Who did she think she was??! It took his lovely wife to explain, that no, she wasn’t to busy, she just didn’t exist!!! I grew tired of explaining the name, and decided it was time for a more permanent and positive change. In hindsight, I would have put a little more thought into it to begin with, but like I said, I had no idea of its potential, and therefore, of its importance!

I have learnt over the last year or so the importance of branding. The amazing Sue Bryce will talk about this all day if you let her. How important it is that your brand targets the people you want it to, and how it is a reflection of yourself. I chose to use my name as my brand and logo, as I’m very proud of my growing business, proud enough to stamp it with my own heart. Essentially, my business is me! I am my brand! I believe in what my business and I have to offer, and wanted my brand to project that. I wanted a website that was simple and easy to navigate and straight to the point. I know myself, I give a website 30 seconds, and if it isn’t clear what that website is all about by then, I go to the next one. I wanted people to see the second they clicked on it exactly my photography style and quality, with the ability to easily locate and browse through the slideshows without waiting years for it to load.

Enter the awesome Katie Kolenberg. I cant say enough about her. In fact, I plan to, just not now. I need the whole process to settle in my head first. I gave her my jumble of ideas and scattered bits and pieces of dreams, thoughts and imaginings, along with the things I loved and the things I hated. She swallowed and absorbed them, sculpted and sketched them, and bought them to life. She has created, I think, the most beautiful and perfect brand in the whole wide world. It is simple, but beautiful, eye catching without being overpowering or taking away the focus of the service I provide and love. It says everything about my business I wanted it to. I couldn’t be happier. She was patient with my indecisions, and made the whole journey wonderful. I’ll be forever grateful. And, as an added bonus, Ive made a beautiful new friend, which these days, are hard to find.

I plan on blogging far more regularly, and I have much to share. There are so many more families and new babies and lovely couples to meet in the next few months, as well as my first destination wedding in just a few short weeks! Thank you for all of your support the last few months. I am so happy and excited I feel like a one of those peppy cheerleaders in the movies! *shakes pom poms*!!

I feel as excited as my little friend Evie is!!!!


  • Lea Forbes - Big congrats to you on your lovely new adventure. Love the branding, so clean & fresh.
    Lea xReplyCancel

  • Kylie - El – it is beautiful I LOVE your brand. I am so happy it is YOU. Congratulations:0 xoReplyCancel

  • Alyda - Love it all el!! You should be so proud of yourself. Yay you 😀ReplyCancel

  • Eva - YAAAAAY!!! The new blog looks AMAZING, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous work on your new shiny blog!!! 😀ReplyCancel

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