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March 2013 10 on 10

March 10 on 10. Late again. Sorry guys.

A bit different this month, as I chose a few of my arvo images, instead of a timeline of our day. The rain here has been atrocious, to say the least, and although yesterday we were treated to some rare sunshine, it still ended in rain, but this intense sun shower, and beautiful rainbow. I’ve stopped trying to keep the guys out of the weather, as its been raining since January, and I gave up after a week.

And I know theres more than 10. My brain and eyes are tired.

* Early morning breakfast face      * Helpful bed makers    * Learning to lace    * Tree House adventures

* Dancing in the sun shower    * Rainbow     * Bath time




  • Jody Ryan - El I just adore these images, especially the rain and bath ones xxxReplyCancel

  • Gemma Higgins - very cool, LOVE the sunshower!!ReplyCancel

  • suzanne - it’s just not right how beautiful your kids are!! and the rain photos are fantastic!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Jane - Oh man, I just found your blog and I just adore it.
    Such beautiful photos, and your children are too cute.
    Love those shots in the rain.ReplyCancel

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