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January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Twenty

January 22nd 2015

Day 22 :: 11:00

In 2003 I answered an ad in the paper to buy a puppy. When I arrived at the home of said puppy, what I found was heartbreaking. There was one puppy left, and it was beautiful, but the mother had been so badly treated, so badly abused that, I could barely look at her. After telling the disgusting owner and his sneering mates what I thought of them, I stormed out. I got into my car and I burst into tears. But sadness was soon replaced by fury, and I knew I had to do something to help that poor dog. I sat in my car and I waited. I waited all day and into the night. I sat there for more than 8 hours until they all (well, I hoped all) went out, and I broke into their house, and I stole her (I was brave at 23, ok! Or stupid). I took this poor excuse of a dog to the vet the very next morning, where they examined her….. She only weighed 9 kgs. She had a broken tail. A fractured skull. Broken ribs. She had mastitis in every nipple, bleeding gums as well as a long list of many other horrendous injuries and infections. We discussed having her euthanised, but I was so invested and in love with her by this stage, that I simply couldn’t bring myself to do it.

That beautiful, amazing, life changing dog has been by my side ever since. We named her Seisha (pronounced Say-Shar) and she was my baby before I had babies of my own. She was the first living thing i was solely responsible for and she helped teach me how to be a good mama.

She has jumped off waterfalls, swam in oceans and creeks, gone fishing in tinnies, slept in swags, drove in the back of utes and on motorbikes, slept by camp fires, rounded up chooks and endlessly chased lawn mowers. She saw us get married, watched 3 babies arrive and grow, let me know when one of them wandered off out of the gate, survived paralysis ticks, lost a few toes when she was run over by a motorbike and survived a vicious attack by another dog trying to protect us. She has listened to each and every one of my fears and doubts, put her head on my lap while I cried, and celebrated and laughed through all the great times with me. She has loved us all unconditionally, without question and has been the greatest, most loyal friend I’ve ever had.

Today, 12 years later, at the ripe old age of 17, after countless adventures and so many good times together, I said goodbye to my best friend.

And my heart is broken.

RIP my beautiful Seisha. You’ll always be my one true love


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