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January 31st 2013 :: Day 31

So, after 5 days, power and phone lines back on just in time for the final Photo a Day for 2013!!!

After a hellish few days here in Queensland thanks to flooding, things are almost back to normal programming. Summer holidays are over, and Harry and Lily are back to school, Lily for the very first time. She strolled into that classroom with her head held high and never gave me a second glance, waving and grinning at me from across the room of crying little boys (its always the boys that cry!!!), like she’d been there her entire life! Harry has had a slower and quieter start, missing his best friend, Colt, but I think he’ll be fine.

The sun shone for a few precious minutes on the last day of their holidays, and already, in just a few few short days, so much has changed. This was the last photo of my Lily Bear before she was a big school girl. Darcy, oblivious to how lonely she was going to be without her friends by her side everyday. Harry, old enough to eye roll and protest his sisters cuddles, but little enough to still secretly love it. What will the next 12 months bring for my favourite people? How much will they change? I’m excited and sad all at once thinking about it.

Thank you so much for spending January with us!!! I hope you have enjoyed it! I have had so many beautiful, encouraging, inspiring emails, texts, tweets and facebook messages, it warms my heart that I haven’t bored you all to death!!! You’ve all heard me talk about how much the focus of my business has changed this year, and that includes posting more of my own personal work, so I hope you’ll continue to be involved.

I’m sorry I was unable to post the last few days. I’ve posted a few from this afternoon to make up for it.

Love from El, Harry, Lily and Darcy




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  • Jess - I love your kids and I’ve only ever met Darcy, I love them from seeing how you see them (if that makes sense?) through your images. thanks for sharing El xxxxReplyCancel

  • Tricia - Glad to see a happy ending! I was following your camping adventures on the edge of my seat! Congrats on the first day of school!ReplyCancel

  • hili - really glad everything is back to normal . the black and whites are gorgeous, but its so nice to see some color. i love your color edits . what will you do with all these photos ? are you making a photobook for january ?ReplyCancel

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