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January 25th 2015 :: Day 25

I love camping. LOVE. We get together with a group of families and do it a lot. The kids think its the best. No bed time, eat whenever they want, are free to head off on their bikes and explore, swim, fish, whatever!!!

Unfortunately, it looks like we might be rained out tomorrow, with heavy rain and flash flooding predicted, but today was one of the best days we’ve had as a family. One I hope the kids remember forever.

Kids under 7 are pretty uncooperative, generally, when it comes to posing for photos, but I love this one. And yes, Darcy is shining a torch. It was quite dark when I took this and she is obsessed with it.

Today I am thankful for life long friends and summer holidays and good mozzie spray 😉

(Oh, and also Nikon cameras, who ARE very cooperative, especially in low light)

Jan 25th 2013 el hogan photography

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