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January 21st 2013 :: Day 21

After weeks and weeks of scorching dry heat, watching my beautiful garden wither and turn to dust in front of my very eyes, taking 10 minutes to talk myself into going outside to hang the washing on the line, and then taking 30 minutes of complaining to get over the horrific ordeal, today the heavens opened, and the rains came. Only a little bit, but rain none the less. And it just happened to be the day that our lovely friend Sonya gave Darcy a bubble stick for her birthday. I ask you? Who in their right mind doesn’t like bubbles in the rain!?!?

Today I am thankful for thoughtful friends and cooler weather and the universal language of kids…bubbles…..

Jan 21st 2013 el hogan photography

  • Stew - My favourite January project ever!

    My camera is now sitting on the edge of the bin, ready for the final push!


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