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January 18th 2013 :: Day 18

So the most bizarre and weird thing happened. I bought Darcy a tutu. I know right?! So out of character. She has very little girly stuff as she’s simply not interested. This tutu hung on her door knob for ages before, out of the blue, she wanted in on. And it hasn’t really been off since. She went from nude to ballet girl in less than half a day.

Thats not to say she has transformed onto a princess over night though, lets not get too carried away! It has spaghetti bolognese, dirt and boogers all over it, as well as lots of other unknown grot. A tutu does NOT a ballerina make. Believe me.

And of course, her trusty side kick, Teddy Wilson, never far from her side.

Today I am thankful for the beginnings of a butterfly from my sweet little caterpillar, even if it is only an illusion 😉


More than half way through this project! Hope you’re not all sick of me!!!

Jan 18th 2013 el hogan photography

  • lucy - Not remotely sick of you!! I love your daily pic and stories about your beautiful family! xxReplyCancel

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