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Are you on Instagram? If you have an iPhone, then you should be. Its a really fun way of photo sharing, and I adore it! You can add great filters and blur effects to your mobile photos and share it with Facebook or Twitter or whoever really! I use it more than facebook and there is a really great group of people on there. My feed is mainly my kids and everyday life, so if you liked my photo a day project, then follow along! My user name is elhogan.

I also have a tumblr account which I’ve had for a about a year now, called The Sun is Up & the Sky is Blue, which is basically my favourite instagram photos and other personal images I have taken. You can find it here:


This one is this weeks instagram favourite:

And here’s some from the last few months:

Recently I had all my favourite ones printed into magnets through Stickygram and they are displayed on my fridge!

And my tumblr page. And thats enough self promotion for one day…..

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