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I’m in love……

So a little while ago I had all these ideas in my head for photographs. Underwater ones. I have spent the best part of my life in the  water. Its a place I feel at peace and at home. I do my best thinking when I’m swimming laps, solving the worlds problems staring at that black line. I have many of my best ideas in the ocean, a place that clams me and rejuvenates my soul. So I guess this was a natural progression. After lots of saving and dreaming, my underwater housing arrived from the US today. It took me about 4.5 seconds to convince Harry that we had to get to the water. Right away!

I’m in love. I have a whole new energy about my work. These are the first few from this afternoon, with very quick edits. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!!!!!

  • Lea Johnson - Amazing. can’t wait to watch this whole new world with you xReplyCancel

  • Tricia - They are beautiful. The second and third one are just divine. I love that they are black and white and just exploring the form and shapes rather than being overpowered by blue.ReplyCancel

  • Stewart - Awesome. :) So. Jealous.ReplyCancel

  • Kirsty - Wonderful – I love shooting underwater too – something so calm about it – looking forward to seeing moreReplyCancel

  • Elle - Gorgeous! You do underwater beautifully <3ReplyCancel

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