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I never want to grow old……

Just like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, her favourite fairy in all of the whole wide world, I never want My Lily to grow a day older. I want her to hold my hand always, especially when we cross the road. I want her favourite spot on the couch to be next to wherever I am sitting. I want her to be able to curl into a ball in my lap while I read her a story, her little finger tracing the words, desperate to know how to read them and when I turn off her light at night and say “see ya later alligator” for her response to be “Don’t forget your toilet paper” forever and ever. I want her to happily agree to let me take her photo, but only because it means we get to spend some time together, just her and I.

Next week she will turn four, and another year will have slipped by, seemingly in the blink of an eye. I hope with all my heart she will want to sit next to me on the couch holding my hand forever…..



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