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El Hogan Photography is a South East Queensland, Australia based photographer, covering areas such as Brisbane and The Gold Coast, specialising in family photography, baby photography, kids photography, newborn photography and lifestyle photography. On location, or in your home, using only natural light, I am available for portrait and Storytelling Sessions Australia wide. I am a also a fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

I am a full time photographer, full time mother of 3, wife, adventurer, book devourer, food and wine lover, fun haver. (Not necessarily in that order)

Most of my clients are families with young kids, and through my documentary style approach, I love to tell the story of these families through images: creating visual memories of a hectic part of their life that is so easily lost among the never ending laundry pile and making school lunches. I believe these are the memories we will want to look back on with fondness and love, and ones that are over far too soon, lost among their mundane routine. Recently, I found myself lost to this mundane chaos of life. It was only when I started to embrace the chaos, to find what was hidden amongst the bedlam, that my work found its clarity. For in disorder there is beauty, and an untethered love which runs riot. My work now understands this, forming visual memories of families embracing their own inner mayhem, giving them a much truer reflection of their home, their intimacy, their trust, their love for each other.

I encourage families to abandon the uncomfortable pressure of traditional family portraits, where everyone is forced to grin unnaturally at the camera, and embrace their life exactly as it is, because from my experience, they are filled to the brim and over flowing with love and laughter. This is what I want my photography to be. Images that invoke feelings and memories of a life you created. A beautiful memento of your love for each other and your family. My images are fun, relaxed, full of laughter, love, light and personality.

My studio is where you can come and see your finished work. Where we can have a cup of tea and a chat. The kids can play and you can see all the fine art prints and products I have to offer you, as well as framed wall prints, canvases, fine art albums and digital collections, and how I can create something beautiful for your home that matches you perfectly. Its a beautiful space, that you can feel completely at home in.

I’m so glad you have found me here! This Blog is a place where I share a bit about myself and my world, where you can see my most recent work, and maybe get to know me a little. Have a look around, leave a comment and enjoy my photos.

Thank you for stopping by!

el . xoxo


(awesome above image by Christine Pobke)