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February 10 on 10 {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I know, I know. Its way late. Like 2 weeks overdue. But if you remember, I was stung by a HUMUNGOUS & GINORMOUS** stingray on the 10th of February, and couldn’t do my 10 on 10! So. These were taken on the 11th, and posted today, the 22nd. I’m nothing if not numerically superstitious (or just really busy).

As a side, I was thinking of posting some blogs with more photos from my January Photo a Day? I have some lovely ones, and could only pick one to show you each day. What do you think?

** may or may not have been a humungous OR a ginormous stingray, but merely average in size.

  • suzanne - your photography always leaves me with a smile on my face. you are the master at capturing life. real, happy life.ReplyCancel

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