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Evie Lee {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Meet sweet little 2 week old Evie Lee, starring in my favourite type of newborn shoot…just hanging out with her and her beautiful mama on the couch and getting to know each other.

I have lots of brand spanking new babies to share, mainly “A day in the Life” sessions, my very favourite of days, as well as a couple of weddings and some beautiful family sessions,  but I’m so very far behind on my blogging that it all feels a bit “where do I start-ish” !! Oh procrastination! Go away and bother someone else!

Lets just for now enjoy Evie Lee…….


  • rowe - what a gorgeous session el! hope to see you in the holidays… rowe xReplyCancel

  • Jodie Clifford - Thanks El for the gorgeous shots of my baby girl! **** JodieReplyCancel

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