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Coming up for air

I’ve been quiet of late.

The world around me was getting loud and everyday it was getting louder and louder.

Then one day it was screaming at me.

It wasn’t always this noisy. In fact, only a few short months ago, I thought the world outside my inner circle was a seemingly peaceful place, if you looked in the right places. I see now that it is the choice to look only to the blue sky with hopefulness that leads to the quietness that lives in your heart, a quiet that happily spreads throughout your days, making laughter effortless and sleep come easy . It is also a quiet that can make you naive and vulnerable. It was a quiet that I took for granted, because suddenly, everywhere I looked there seemed to be Noise of one kind or another: Hateful words. Jealousy. Secrets. Lies. My security blanket had been unceremoniously  ripped off, leaving me shivering and cold, and I had to search hard to see my blue sky.

I needed to switch off from the world that lives in my computer and in my phone. From the white noise that I had never noticed before now. From all the things that I try hard not to see, but was now finding hard to see past.

I needed to be reminded of the important things that are in front of my eyes everyday.

Beautiful, amazing, breathtaking things that are quiet, and easily taken for granted.

Unassuming, soft, peaceful things that were being drowned out by the ever increasing noise.

I desperately needed to go back to these things, for when I looked up from the noise after a only few short months of listening to it, I was horrified to see they had changed and I hadn’t noticed.

I needed to go back to creating without fear of judgment or conformity. To let my days run their own course, knowing that I put everything I have into  making it a sunny place for us to be in.

So thats what I did. I switched off the noise. It was as easy as hitting the ‘off’ button. Then I inhaled slowly. I breathed in the goodness around me, and let it flow through me. I reminded myself that the world I wake up to every morning is beautiful and amazing and incredible, and that I created it. It defines who I am and who I want them to be. I love it with my whole heart, but most importantly, it loves me too.

And in the end thats all that matters.

And even though the noise isn’t as deafening as it was, I am forever changed for having heard it loud and stinging in my ears. It left a small scar in my heart reminding me to proceed cautiously, but I think that some changes in your world are preceded by confusion and disharmony. I have the choice to be consumed and defined by it, or to silence it with a noise of my own creation.

“Profound changes are imminent in the ancient craft of the beautiful”

  • Jody Ryan - So beautifully said El. I feel what you say and have been there too. Isn’t it nice to step away, to be free to be you, like Dr Seuss said, ‘there’s no one youer than you’. Isn’t that just amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Sally Hicks - I have recently done the same thing El, felt I was caught up in the wheel of life, especially cyber life too much and took a step back.ReplyCancel

  • Clarissa - I was wondering where you went! Your an absolute inspiration and with that comes the negative because people for some reason can’t handle other peoples shine. Keep your head up and press on!ReplyCancel

  • Anya - How loud your words ring in my ears El. Big hug to you friend xxReplyCancel

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