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Chia Family

This is my wonderful friend, Jess, and her beautiful family. A pretty awesome photographer herself, Jess and I met a few years ago at a 3 day industry event. I tend to hang by myself a bit at these types of things, as they can be a little overwhelming, and it turned out so does she. One lunchtime, there we were, hanging out by ourselves, eating lunch, and we decided we should just hang out by ourselves and eat lunch, but, you know, together. So thats what we did. And we’ve been firm friends ever since. I’ve made so many amazing friends in this community this way, and it makes me really happy. Jess has been so supportive of me, and my family and my work, and I’ll be forever grateful for her friendship.

This is a session from way before we even left on the Caravan of Destiny Tour, so I guess you can say I’m trying desperately to play catch up before this year ends!!!!


  • Summer - Really beautiful session El…ReplyCancel

  • Jody Ryan - El, these photos are just so amazing, how special they truly are of Jess and her family.ReplyCancel

  • Hope Copeland - El, I don’t even know where to begin. The setting, the light, the family, the photographer. All incredible. I know Jess would love these. Wonderful images love. xReplyCancel

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