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January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Fifteen

January 15th 2015 Day 15 :: 08:12 The horrible, zombie looks of xbox playing. Just one of the many reasons they haveView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Thirteen

January 13th 2015 Day 13 :: 09:27 The girls room. This week I refused to tidy it. And so it seems we’ve reachedView full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2015 :: Day Nine

January 9th 2015 Day 9 :: 16:38 Sometimes when she looks at me with this face, I can picture her so clearly giving meView full post »

Chia Family

This is my wonderful friend, Jess, and her beautiful family. A pretty awesome photographer herself, Jess and I met aView full post »

Sydney Mini Sessions November 2013

I have some Sydney Mini Sessions available! These will be held at a location in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to beView full post »

One frame..

A sneaky frame from a gorgeous session I’m working on…..View full post »

Tessa & Pete

This is Tessa & Pete. They are in love. They are getting married in October. This is their engagement shoot. ItView full post »

Arie, Maree & Oliver {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

I met with this cute family a little while ago (yes, I know, I’m very behind on my blogging still!). The sessionView full post »

Where the Wild Things Are

RIP Maurice Sendak, who made the world a better place through his words, his pictures and his love.View full post »


Something a little different from what I usually do, but when Britta and her mum approached me to take some head shotsView full post »

Autumn Mini Sessions {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

This is by far my most favourite time of year in South East Queensland. The days are beautiful and warm, the nights areView full post »