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Category Archives: Photo a Day Project 2012

January 19 2012 . Day 19

This afternoon we were out exploring….Looking for new locations for all my lovely clients coming up. I am spoiledView full post »

January 17th 2012 . Day 17

Didn’t I tell you there would be another bath shot! This time, just of Fat Baby. She loves to splash around withView full post »

January 16th 2012 . Day 16

Today was Darcy’s 2nd Birthday. She opened ‘pwessents’ and she ate ‘yocolate coike’ . SheView full post »

January 15th 2012 . Day15

Today is the last time I say goodnight to a one year old. Ever. Tomorrow My Darcy turns 2. I know I should be excited,View full post »

14th January 2012 . Day 14

THIS is how you eat an ice cream…… ……just in case you were wondering…….View full post »

January 13th 2012 . Day 13

My kids love being read to. They love all kinds of books, and Harry especially stares hungrily at the words,View full post »

January 12th 2012 . Day 12

Yesterday I flew to Sydney for work, was gone before the kids woke up, didn’t get back until this morning and soView full post »

January 8th 2012 . Day 8

Oh, how she loves the water, the sand, digging, splashing, floating, paddling. When she first sees glimpses of theView full post »

January 7th 2012 . Day 7

For those playing at home, you may have notice Lily is absent from most photos so far this January. She hates theView full post »

January 6th 2012 . Day 6

The Fat Baby still has a really big day sleep, like 3 hours (thank Gawd). When we’re on holidays, we are usuallyView full post »

January 5th 2012 . Day 5

I just love being on holidays. Not waking up to an alarm, late brekky,  no specific plans for the day. I could reallyView full post »

January 4th 2012 . Day 4

At a caravan park, in a nappy box, watching the world go by………… Oh Fat Baby…you’reView full post »