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Category Archives: January Photo a Day Project 2015

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Fourteen

January 14th 2015 Day 14 :: 17:58 Some days she takes my breath away. What an incredible human she isView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Thirteen

January 13th 2015 Day 13 :: 09:27 The girls room. This week I refused to tidy it. And so it seems we’ve reachedView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Twelve

January 12th 2015 Day 12 :: 18:08 Another 4 legged love in our life: Fat Max. He’s one in a million! Despite allView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Eleven

January 11th 2015 Day 11 :: 16:14 Darcy and BelleView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Ten

January 10th 2015 Day 10 :: 08:58 So grateful to have this old girl still here with us, and still making me smile afterView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Eight

January 8th 2015 Day 8 :: 11:08 Tea party with the ladies, if ladies were bare foot and grubby, which in my world, theyView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Seven

January 7th 2015 Day 7 :: 17:56 She writes her name everywhere, complete with love heart on the end of herView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Six

Darcy and her Best Friend, Max. This sweet, fat dog follows her everywhere, partly because he adores her, and partlyView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Five

January 5th 2015 Day 5 :: 16:18 Thankfully for me, these 3 get along very well. They rarely argue, and any issues areView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Four

January 4th 2015 Day 4 :: 17:41 I guarantee this won’t be the last ‘Harry and his drums’ photo IView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Three

January 3rd 2015 Day 3 :: 14:27 She just loves animals, of all shapes and sizes, this kid. And they love her. But whoView full post »

January Photo a Day 2015 :: Day Two

January 2nd 2015 Day 2 :: 18:47 These faces. They’re all I need reallyView full post »