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The 5 Minute Project

I’ve been doing “5 minutes with” for a few years now, and I love the simplicity of creating beautifulView full post »


Last week, in a brave attempt to protect Darcy and I, my beautiful old dog, my oldest and dearest friend, was viciouslyView full post »

5 minutes with Harry and Colt

Happy Birthday to my 2nd favourite 7 year old!!!View full post »

5 minutes with Darcy…

The grubs are slowly eating their way through our veggie garden. They are a force that seemingly cannot be stopped.View full post »

30 seconds with Darcy…

Now, I may be biased, but I’m finding I’m hard pressed to find anything more delicious than a chubby littleView full post »

30 seconds with Harry

Heres another quick outtake from my January Photo a Day. This is literally 30 seconds with Harry, walking back from aView full post »