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A change in direction…….

I mentioned recently that the focus of my business was shifting a little in 2013. Well, I couldn’t wait until then to share with you how, and although I will be launching early in the new year how it will work, and all of your options, I wanted to give you all an idea of the direction El Hogan Photography is heading.

I was blown away by the huge response I had to my blog post of why I wanted to participate in the 12 month personal project, 10 on 10, that it was like this massive, ginormous light bulb went off. Why oh why wasn’t I shooting my clients the way I shoot my own family? The way I love to work and when I believe I take my best images? The way, in fact, I actually see the world? Why wasn’t I encouraging my clients to embrace their very own chaos, to abandon the uncomfortable pressures of traditional family portraiture, and embrace their lives exactly as they are!?

So thats what I’m doing.

There will be lots more information in the new year, but luckily for me, I’ve been able to convince most my clients already booked for next year to come on this journey with me.

Here is a session I did recently with the most amazing family. Its a long post, but I am aiming to tell a story, and it can’t be done in just a few images.

Meet Shelley, Chris, Lucca, Hugo, Jude & Leo, an awesome family who trusted me to abandon my safety net and shoot from my heart.



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