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30 seconds with Darcy…

Now, I may be biased, but I’m finding I’m hard pressed to find anything more delicious than a chubby little tomboy dancing in a sun shower wearing tutudumonde.

I could live for a lifetime on just 30 seconds with her.


PS: this dress came from this awesome kids boutique shop called Amelie & Violet. They have the most beautiful kids things!!

  • Linsey - She is delicious, I love her and these gorgeous images! Just precious!ReplyCancel

  • Kristyn - so cute!ReplyCancel

  • summer - I can’t even handle the cuteness…that light ooohhhh in love with all of these..and what is that in the shot with her arms folded? Dust in the air? Glitter? just amazing. love!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Beautiful girl!
    Beautiful light!ReplyCancel

  • rowe - i dont know how i missed these but you are totally killing me right now with the cuteness! i just want to squeeze her! that 2nd shot… oh my lord ~ its just spectacular!ReplyCancel

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