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Monthly Archives: January 2014

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day 22

For so long she’s been desperate to get her swimming bubble off, and and rid herself of the apparent shame ofView full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day 16

Happy Birthday Darcy! Today she is 4. “My Best things are bath time, jumping on the trampoline, Cooper,View full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day 11

Another afternoon under the Big Top  today with our dear friends The Bullen’s. This time one of The AshtonView full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day 10

If you let him, he’d ride all day…… Today I am grateful for my little Superman….View full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day Nine

She loves to help in the garden every single day. She’s on constant lookout for grubs or anything eating ourView full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day Eight

We were lucky enough to be taken to the circus today but our lovely circus friends from Perth, who are home here forView full post »

January a Day Project 2014 :: Day Seven

Harry and Lily have been pretty much inseparable their entire lives. They are as thick of thieves, have pretty similarView full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day Six

My kids love the water. Which suits me, because I love the water. Today I am grateful for the freedom of the deepView full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day Five

Yep. You’re gonna see a lot of this dog over the month! She has a paw in many a game, including this one, whichView full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day Four

Today was hot. Like, I mean, really hot. The temperature gauge in my car said 49C, which is insane! Thats about 120FView full post »

January Photo a Day Project 2014 :: Day Three

One thing you’ll have to get used to is photos in my chook yard. It isn’t my first one and it certainlyView full post »