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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Camping in January……

I thought I’d share some of the out takes from my January photo a day. Some of you had voiced that you would likeView full post »

Dimity & Aaron {Brisbane Wedding Photographer}

A few days before Christmas, I shot this wedding here in Brisbane. I’m so terribly slack when it comes toView full post »

February 10 on 10 {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I know, I know. Its way late. Like 2 weeks overdue. But if you remember, I was stung by a HUMUNGOUS & GINORMOUS**View full post »

I’m in love……

So a little while ago I had all these ideas in my head for photographs. Underwater ones. I have spent the best part ofView full post »

Tess & Pete {Brisbane Wedding Photographer}

This is Tess & Pete’s wedding from all the way back in October last year (told you I was behind in myView full post »

Catherine, Sean & Oscar {Sydney family photographer}

Well, it feels nice to be blogging something other than my own kids for a change!!!!!! I have a back log of sessions toView full post »