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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Harry Age 6

Desperately searching for some files I’ve misplaced, I stubbled across some awesome photos I took of Harry oneView full post »

Kreutzer Family

Can I just say, I absolutely, positively ADORE photographing big families! These guys were amazing! We had a bit of aView full post »

10 on 10 August 2012

Here’s the 2nd instalment of my 10 on 10 Project. I had a huge, massive response to the 1st one, with lots andView full post »

I went to New York and this is what I saw….

Back in June I left my little family alone for the very first time and travelled to New York. I absolutely adore thisView full post »

Pippa {Gold Coast Newborn Photographer}

Meet brand new little Pippa. She is little sister to Nash, who was one of the very first newborns I photographed when IView full post »