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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Lily Bear turns 4 {Gold Coast Children’s Photographer}

Earlier in the year, when Harry turned 5, I documented his whole birthday from start to finish. I mean, its not everyView full post »

Anita & David {Brisbane Wedding Photographer}

A little while ago I shot Anita and David’s beautiful country wedding. What an amazing day and a stunningView full post »

I never want to grow old……

Just like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, her favourite fairy in all of the whole wide world, I never want My Lily to grow aView full post »

My very own little Fairy…..

My Beautiful Lily Bear. Who will soon be four. I wish I could freeze time and keep her just the way sheView full post »

Beck, Sean, James & Nicholas {Gold Coast Family Photographer}

I spent a lovely afternoon a few weeks back with these guys down at Tallebudgera. I had been the week before at aboutView full post »

Bridie, Keeley, Cooper & Roxy the Dog

These are 3 of the best kids I know. They belong to a family who I couldn’t live without. Every Christmas I takeView full post »

Evie Lee {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Meet sweet little 2 week old Evie Lee, starring in my favourite type of newborn shoot…just hanging out with herView full post »