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10 on 10 October 2012

So, I’ll be honest, today was a hectic whirlwind! After taking Harry to school, my 10 on 10 regrettably took a back seat for much of the day, but I think I still managed to capture a few images of my day to share with you.

* Harry unpacking the dishwasher, which is one of my most hated jobs and pretty much the only reason I had kids was to make them do it so I didn’t have to.

* Being waved off to school by his sisters

* Darcy’s sticker chart: She gets a sticker every time she does a wee on the toilet and after 5 stickers she gets a special surprise from the lucky dip!

* Bath time

* Harry always has piles of books lying around, even though he’s only learning to read. They’re under his pillow, on his bed, in the bathroom, in his tree house, on the dinner table. Everywhere.

* One of his favourite places to read is in a cubby he made for himself in a hidden alcove under his loft bed. He loves it under there, and says its where he goes when he needs to “be by himself, or just think about things”, which I assume to be things like lego or scooters or breakfast. Probably.

* My Lily Bear: bathed, clean and fast asleep in the lounge room.





And a little animation of some rainbow nail painting…


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